Funding Options

Our participants usually report that ESPCT courses are of much greater value than the price they pay. Yet there are options to get funding for ESPCT courses via the Erasmus +  program of the European Union (EU). General Information about EU-Funding is available at

Learning Mobility of Individuals:

Below you find a list of your national agencies. There you get the application form for KA1 School Staff Mobility, which you may return afterwards to your agency.
If you need further support please contact us.

National Agencies

Develop, extend, or start your crisis management team with the help of EU Erasmus funding

ESPCT wants to draw your attention to the possibility to develop or empower your crisis management group by training new colleagues for your team or more teams in your area or country. You can get funds for a five day training by applying to ERASMUS+, the European project which followed COMENIUS in 2014.

The grant for an ESPCT course will probably cover all the costs for a participant.

ESPCT will offer a basic course in Autumn 2020 and an advanced course in autumn 2021 if there are enough colleagues applying to the Erasmus agency. You can request for two courses in one application. We recommend to apply for the basic and advanced course in one form.

ESPCT and your national Erasmus agency (see list of agencies on the Erasmus website) will support you in the application procedure.

 To be able to apply for an Erasmus+ grant you need a consortium. A consortium is a cooperative activity of a counselling center and two schools. Such a consortium can apply for more than one person and different activities, e.g. for trainings or for strategic partnerships.

The actions that are supported are:

  • Key action one: Learning Mobility for Individuals: improved competencies etc
  • Key action two: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices: Strategic partnerships, Knowledge Alliances, Capacity Building

Next Erasmus+ application date presumably will be February 5, 2020 for the period June 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020.

For further information see the attachment below. We’re looking forward to your interest in our courses!

Very short: How to apply for an ERASMUS grant for an ESPCT course:

  1. Schools can apply to Erasmus+ for their personnel and the applicant can also be a school psychology counseling centre together with at least two schools which must be in institutional connection with the centre (called a consortium). See Erasmus Programme Guide (p. 69).
  2. Schools or consortium coordinators must describe a developmental plan for which the course will contribute.
  3. Besides sending personnel to a course other activities can be applied for with the same application form.
  4. First step in the application process is to reveal your intention to apply for Erasmus. Send an e-mail to We must know how many want to participate in a course. Then we can organize it for the expected number.
  5. You will get further guidance by the Erasmus Programme Guide, from your National Erasmus+ agency, from the ESPCT website or if you ask for it from

The grant for an ESPCT course will probably cover all the costs for a participant.