The purpose of our foundation

  • To promote collaboration between school psychologists in Europe through education and training resulting in competence for their work at school;
  • To promote communication between professionals focused on the improvement of academic performance and the mental health of children at school;
  • To promote the use of sound psychological principles in the context of education in Europe, taking into account international developments;
  • To develop and promote quality standards based on European and international standards for training psychologists who work for or in educational systems; and
  • To promote the wellbeing of children and the rights of children.

The foundation aims to achieve its objective among other things by

  • developing, organizing and providing education, training courses and workshops in the field of psychology within the entire educational system and doing anything which is related to or may be conducive to the foregoing;
  • evaluating education and training courses for psychologists who work within the educational system for the sake of determining Evidence Based programmes.