Advanced Course Imminent Danger

Content of the course:

  • Fresh-up intervention and coping tools from the basic course
  • Dealing with suicide and suicide prevention
  • Pacing and leading
  • Competence and intervention skills in managing crisis situations where there is an imminent threat to life.
  • Competence and intervention skills in managing suicide prevention.
  • The ability to talk to people who threaten suicide or aggressive acts, and knowledge about how they can be safely, and sensitively, reintegrated back into school society.
  • Practice strategies with set protocols how to deal with students, teachers, parents whose classmates,
    students, children may plan to commit suicide
  • How to deal with students who plan to commit suicide using set protocol
  • How to deal with students who threaten schools and how to integrate them afterwards if they did not do it or their plan was not really concrete.
  • Safety analysis
  • Information about and inclusion in networking with community agencies ( e. g., police, medical, fire) and why training with them is important
  • Knowledge of the criteria for ‘safe schools’, and skills in how to develop ‘safe schools’, which actively promote inclusion, resilience and emotional well-being among all staff and students
  • Promotion of safe schools
  • New developments in crisis management
  • Development of crisis management networks in Europe

Example of the Program:
Crisis Management in Schools

Advanced Course Immanent Danger in Luxembourg, February 3.-9., 2017