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 Develop or extend your crisis management team with the help of EU Funding

Advanced Course: 18.04. – 24.04.2021

Nikolaus Cusanus Akademie: Haus St. Georg in Sarns, Brixen, Italy

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Description of the course




  • Higher level specialist techniques for ‘crisis management’ in schools.
  • ‘Warning signs’ shown by people who may commit suicide.
  • ‘Warning signs’ shown by people who may commit school shootings, or similar types of threatening behaviours.
  • Management of crisis situations where there is an imminent threat to life.
  • Practice strategies with set protocols how to deal with students, teachers, parents whose classmates, students, children may plan to commit suicide
  • Practice talks with students who plan to commit suicide using set protocol
  • Reintegration of those who tried to commit suicide
  • Managing suicide prevention.
  • Management of situations when aggressive acts against others are planned
  • Reintegration of students who threatened schools
  • Information about and inclusion in networking with community agencies ( e.g. police, medical, fire forces)
  • Knowledge of the criteria for ‘safe schools’, and skills in how to develop ‘safe schools’, which actively promote inclusion, resilience and emotional well-being among all staff and students.



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