In this workshop we will share our knowledge about crisis intervention and especially about teaching Crisis Management in Schools to School Psychologists and Teachers. A high level of activity by the participants is requested including:

  • preparation of a short presentation on how to teach a special technique in advance and holding the presentation during the workshop
  • taking part in a sequence of simulations concerning crisis team sessions including the development of different scenarios 


By attending this workshop, you will:

  • deepen your knowledge about the ESPCT-Model of School Crisis Intervention
  • get to know a variety of Best-Practice teaching methods for School Crisis intervention
  • strengthen your international network of school-psychologists working in Crisis Intervention 
April 18 – 21 2024

Arrival Thursday evening

Departure Sunday after lunch


Soeurs Franciscaines| Av. Gaston Diderich.50 | Luxemburg


Training fee € 150,00
Overnight single room € 252,00Overnight double room € 222,00

The training fee for the workshop is € 150,00 including break refreshments.

Overnight stays are at Soers Franciscaines, lunch and dinner included. Single and double rooms are available. 

If there are more registrations than rooms at Soers Franciscaines, we will arrange additional rooms in a hotel nearby. Overnight costs in the hotel nearby, will be higher. Lunch and dinner for those who stay in a hotel nearby is also available at Soers Franciscans for € 72,00.


Register here


The training is not yet full booked, there are still some places available. 

Be fast to avoid disappointment. 

You can register until December 1, 2023